About Us

Broomfield Dental Care has been a staple of Broomfield for nearly 60 years. Founded by Dr. Novak in 1957, his love of dentistry and his patients provided him with a very successful practice. In 1989 his son-in-law, Lee W. Gerry DDS., joined the practice. Dr. Gerry was well received and a perfect match with the Doctor, his staff and the patients. Dr. Gerry purchased the practice from Dr. Novak in 2003.

After many years of saving for a dream office, Dr. Gerry selected a condo unit at the Chateaux where he designed and decorated a truly breathtaking office. A lot of research went into state-of-the-art equipment along with advanced sterilization. His long time staff was excited and comfortable in their new home, as were his patients.

Our team is a top-notch group of individuals who take their job seriously, and knows how to keep their role fun and exciting. Our entire staff attends continuing education classes (although not as many as Dr. Gerry). Below is more information on our team.

The Doctors

Dr. Lee W. Gerry, DDS.

Dr. Gerry is from Butte, Montana. He attended Carroll College in Montana where he met his wife, Kathleen Novak Gerry. He graduated from University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1989.

He has set his standards high in staff, equipment, sterilization, dental supplies and techniques. This requires lots of continuing education with classes and research. He enjoys learning and applying the best of everything in his practice.

Dr. Samuel G. Novak, DDS.

Dr. Novak started practicing as a Dentist in Broomfield in 1957. His love of dentistry and his patients provided him with a very successful practice.

Dr. Novak no longer is actively practicing as a Dentist however, his love of the practice still brings him in to spend part time days with us.

Front Desk Staff

We will probably be your first and last contact in our office. We will do our best to make sure you come in and leave with a smile, well satisfied with your service. We will assist you with your appointment, billing and insurance. After you and Dr. Gerry agree with procedures needed, we will go over billing and help you set up an interest free payment plan. Our first concern is your dental health, we will make sure it will be available to you.


Leah started in 1972. She worked for over 20 years as Dr. Novak’s assistant. After working a few years at the front desk, along with assisting, she gravitated to full time front desk.


Connie came to work in 1995, as a full business associate. She ran out of hours available in the day with building her new home, and spending time with her grandchildren. She enjoys her job; so while not wanting to leave the office, she has cut back hours.


Betty started her career in the medical field. In 1995, she joined our staff. She enjoys working the front desk and the direct contact with patients.


Karen started her work as a Dental Assistant in 1990. She has been with our office since 1999. You will find her at the front desk or in the op assisting Dr. Gerry.

Hygiene Staff

We are proud of our hygiene staff. Working close together, sharing knowledge of skills, previous experience, and lots of continuing education classes. They have formed a great team


Carol has been with Dr. Gerry for 13 years and been in Hygiene for 38 years.


Carly became a Hygienist 19 years ago and with Dr. Gerry for 8 years.


Michelle has been a Hygienist for 30 years, 12 years with Dr. Gerry.

Dental Assistants

You will be very comfortable with Dr. Gerry’s Assistants who will be assisting Dr. Gerry with his procedures. Continuing education keeps them up with the best techniques, sterilization, products and equipment. Their biggest concern will be making sure you are comfortable and well informed of services provided for you.


Karen joined the team 14 years ago.


Susan came to be with us 26 years ago.


Betty has been working with Dr. Gerry for 22 years.